So Angie Writes – Life's A Challenge, So Angie Writes!

So Angie Writes – Life's A Challenge, So Angie Writes!

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February Feelings – Sad

February Feelings - Sad

Welcome to today’s February Feelings post! Love that you’re sticking in here with me as I draw a random GROK card and blog each day this month. <3

Today’s feeling is Sad.

GROK Card - Sad

The dictionary defines sad as affected with grief or unhappiness. I feel sadness in my chest, like a pained heart.… Continue reading

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February Feelings – Excited

February Feelings - Excited -

Woke up, greeted the sun, drew a random GROK card, and grabbed a mug of coffee. Let’s jump right in-

Today’s feeling is Excited.

February Feelings - Excited -

The dictionary defines excited as a state of increased activity or agitation, or showing urgent desire and interest. We might experience excitement as a quickened pulse, or a sense of vibration.… Continue reading

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February Feelings – Disappointment

On Disappointment - February Feelings - #NVC

I’m officially a week into drawing random GROK cards and writing about those feelings here. I’m grateful for the responses and support I’m getting as I do this February project.

Do you ever have a day when you just feel off? Or have times when you’re experiencing so many emotions you feel swept under?… Continue reading

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February Feelings – Grumpy

February Feelings - Grumpy - #NVC

I woke to sunlight streaming through the window, the room scattered with rainbows cast by hanging prisms. Beautiful. I went to my GROK cards box and reached in for today’s feeling…

GROK Card - Grumpy - #NVC


The dictionary defines Grumpy as irritable, ill-tempered, sulky. I might experience grumpiness as a dark cloud over my head, or a film that doesn’t wash off in the shower.… Continue reading

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February Feelings – Reluctant

GROK Card - Reluctant - #NVC

Another day, another GROK card drawn. 28 days in February and I intend to write about feelings for all of them? Maybe this was a mistake! I’m worried you’re bored. I’m worried this is silly. I’m worried I’m a kid amongst wise bloggers and you should probably just head over to their sites.… Continue reading

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February Feelings – Resentful

February Feelings - Resentful -

It’s nice to be drawing random GROK cards, and writing about feelings here on the blog. I like working on this specific writing goal. I gotta admit, though, I don’t like some of the cards I’m drawing! I don’t want to write about envy and resentfulness! Alas, I’m committed to this project, and I’ll stick with it.… Continue reading

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February Feelings – Envious

February Feelings - Envious -

Each day this month I’m drawing a GROK card, taking a quick photo, then writing about the feeling. Today I drew a doozy!

Today’s feeling is Envious.

GROK Card - Envious -

The dictionary defines envy as a desire to have what someone else has, or a feeling of discontent with regard to another’s advantages, success, possessions, etc.… Continue reading

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February Feelings – Inspired

February Feelings - Inspired -
Day three of writing about feelings, after drawing a random card from my GROK deck. I hope these posts are interesting. I woke up today and heard this shame voice- “why are you wasting your time on a blog? You’re not writing anything good enough for others to read.” Oh dear.… Continue reading

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February Feelings – Vulnerable

February Feelings - Vulnerable -

This month I’m starting my days by drawing a random card from my GROK feelings deck, then sitting down to write about that feeling for you!

Today’s feeling is Vulnerable.

February Feelings - Vulnerable -

The dictionary says vulnerability is being open to attack, or capable of being wounded, and susceptible to hurt. Brené Brown defines vulnerability as uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure.… Continue reading

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February Feelings – Lonely

February Feelings - Lonely by

Writing’s been difficult lately. A pain flare with accompanying exhaustion, and stress beyond my norm, have hushed my creative voice. Today’s a day for flipping calendar pages, seeing blank squares, and letting potential swell. I’ve set a goal to publish blog posts about feelings every day in February. For this project, I’ll be using my GROK cards, a dictionary, and my personal experiences.… Continue reading

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