So Angie Writes – Life's A Challenge, So Angie Writes!

So Angie Writes – Life's A Challenge, So Angie Writes!

Trauma recovery, chronic pain, and mental health resources

Welcome, September

Welcome, September by

As we march toward Autumn, I feel my heart swell and my mind open. I ponder my path and want to shore up my doings with intention. I’m overwhelmed by my dreams, and there’s something about September that makes me want to roll em out, score the edges, and grid em up.… Continue reading

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Empowerment in Vulnerability

Empowerment in Vulnerability by #vulnerability #courage #spoonie #selfworth

It’s sometimes scary to admit our feelings and needs, but doing so allows us to live empowered lives. If we try to keep everything in, we may miss chances for connection and healing. We may miss out on help and support.

Sometimes the risk of sharing doesn’t pay off. Sometimes people can’t meet us where we are.… Continue reading

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I am Grateful for Laughter

I am Grateful for Laughter by

I speak and write about feelings. I cry every day. I meet with others to express our struggles. We discuss our diagnoses and our pain management quests. We gripe about our providers, and the finances and tenacity required for any sort of forward movement. We live our vulnerable lives, and we share them.… Continue reading

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By Sharing Resources, We Heal Together

By Sharing Resources, We Heal Together by #PTSD #community #spoonie

The day in, day out challenges of living with PTSD, or other health diagnoses, can wear a person down. Symptoms greet us in the morning, and tuck us in at night. Perceptions are altered by trauma or pain, and life looks a little off. It’s hard. It’s really hard!

For those with PTSD, or other long-term health challenges, recovery is less about arrival, and more about resilience.… Continue reading

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A Reminder

You Are Not Alone In This by
No matter what you’re feeling, or where you’re hurting, or how you’re coping- you are not alone. Keep on.

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Tending to the Pain of Comparison, Scarcity, and Shame

Tending to the Pain of Comparison, Scarcity, and Shame by #recovery #PTSD #spoonie

Injecting humor into the week’s lousy start via Snapchat

Last week started out kinda crappy. I was in a lot of physical pain and was making brave choices about my health care. Unfortunately, my doctor’s office was not returning calls about the medication my physical therapist wanted me on. The pain plus the frustration of provider run-around wore me down.… Continue reading

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Keep Choosing Courage

Keep Choosing Courage by

It’s been a long week for some of us. Hard work, physical pain, unanswered questions, and as always, holding difficult spaces. Just wanted to drop a note here on this blue-sky Saturday morning and remind you that if you’re feeling scarcity, shame, or comparison, Brené Brown says you’re doing something right.… Continue reading

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Self-Care When Nothing Feels Good (Because Support Systems Sometimes Fail Us)

Self-Care When Nothing Feels Good (Because Support Systems Sometimes Fail Us) by

Taking care of ourselves requires identifying what soothes us. This can be tricky when you suffer from chronic pain, mental illness, or other conditions which cause consistent struggle. I often write about my chronic pain journey, but today I’m going to share a mental health story.

Three years ago I was limited to using the mental health services program accessible through my husband’s employer.… Continue reading

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Shame Stories and Chronic Pain – Using Mindfulness to Heal

I woke up confused- fresh off a vivid, violent dream, and hurting from head to toe. Some days seem set before my feet hit the floor. Eyes open to yesterday’s struggles, and I’m wishing for a Teflon brain, so all my troubles could slide right off.

Painful mornings stack up, making it easy to slip into a story…

I feel too much pain.Continue reading

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The Hallowed Ground of Empathy

The discomfort
And utter sanctity
Of silently, and without judgment
Being near the pained

Dare I share impossible spaces?
Drawing near that
Which induces stinging familiarity?
Oh, empathy- this hallowed ground

The Hallowed Ground of Empathy by #empathy #compassion #poetry

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