You’re Special to Me – Mother’s Day Post to the Hurting

Mother's day post to the hurting
I’m thinking of you with the empty arms due to infertility, miscarriage, late term loss, and infant death. I’m thinking of you who have loved a child, and had to let them go. I’m thinking of those waiting to adopt, or saving to adopt, and those who were so close but had their adoption fall through. I’m thinking of the sacrifice of birth moms, first moms. I’m thinking of those who have fostered children they will never see again, but still hold in their minds. Also the moms who are separated from their children in order to care for them the best.

I’m also aching for the motherless. Whether through death, rejection, or abandonment, it must be devastating to lose a mother.

Many of my friends are hurting on what is a most celebrated holiday, Mothers Day. I want you to know that my heart is for you today. I’m wishing you peace and love. Spend some time alone grieving your loss. Let someone into your pain to encourage and love on you. Do something special just for you, to honor your position in the dance of life. You are so special to me.

5 Replies to “You’re Special to Me – Mother’s Day Post to the Hurting”

  1. Well said. I remember the advice given by an experienced pastor, “If you assume, when you preach, that you are speaking to a room full of hurting people, you will never go wrong.”

  2. I love your heart, my friend. It’s beautiful. It’s a bright light in my life. Thank you for these words and the heart behind them. ((hugs))

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