Radical Self-Acceptance to Fight Acne Shame

The 1st pic is my “before” after spending time with a talented makeup artist before I had pinup photos taken today. The 2nd photo is my “after” that I took when I came home and washed the makeup away.

The 2nd photo is my norm. I rarely wear makeup. I have hormonal cystic acne. I often feel ugly and ashamed to show my face. Sometimes I stay home, or wait in the car, safe from embarrassment, yet held tightly by shame. So… not really safe at all.

I placed the photos in this order to practice radical self acceptance. Yeah, the 1st photo, the *pinup me* is gorgeous. I mean, that was an awesome experience! But the real empowerment came when I got home, looked up from the sink at my clean face, and somehow kept coming back to my eyes.

This is me. I like who I am. I’m friendly, loving, and accepting of others. It’s time I take some of that love I so easily bestow on others and shower it on myself. I’m me with acne. I’m me with layers of concealer. Same girl. Stellar girl.