Measuring Resilience

Measuring Resilience by
How do we measure resilience? Is it markable with tallies of days survived? Does it count if I never made it out of bed? I tend to recover, eventually. I don’t so much bounce-back as I muddle-through.

Time is set, yes? It moves forward in an arrow. It submits to laws of nature. We travel around the sun in intervals easily seen. But when we look at the very definition of resilience and see it described as recovering quickly, can we determine the speed of quickly? Where is the bar set, and who mandates it?

I consider myself to be severely lacking in the resiliency department, yet you may see me glowing with it. I know I see it in you. It glitters and shines. I see you getting up, plowing through, moving forward with a grace and dignity I consider unattainable. I plop us on the scales and compare us until I’m six feet under. I seem to measure resiliency by looking around more than looking inward. Noticing that tendency and allowing for reflection today.