Isn’t it interesting what can conjure a colorful memory? A slant of light, a chill in the air, a seasonal scent, a taste, or tune? Our senses let us walk upon the line pulled taught between today and yesteryear.

Autumn is settling in, and the sun tucks in so early. The transition from day to night is abrupt now. I’ll be reading by the window for hours, then suddenly I’m squinting and reaching for a lamp. As I pondered this time of day for today’s writing prompt, I felt this memory stir-

Gloaming brought my mother to the porch. She’d summon us in some fashion that I can’t quite recall, perhaps our names hollered out into frosty air. We’d be down the dirt road, messing about, being generally unsafe. Once we sauntered out onto a frozen pond in our sneakers. Thankfully the ice supported us. Home welcomed with the smell of Soup Starter stew. Soup Starter came in a fabulous container, with a cauldron on the front, and made a nice sound when shaken. I don’t remember how it tasted, but I do know the first bite was perfectly tongue-scalding! 

I’m grateful for pockets of time held dear, for these memories of growing up in the country.

*This month I’m participating in a writing prompt project, which you can find here-

10 Replies to “Gloaming”

    1. Eryn, I had to look it up in the dictionary! When I first saw it on my prompt list I was like, why’s Amanda having me write about the garden soil?

    1. Thanks, Misa! I do love soup on chilly days! Remember that old soup commercial where the snowman sips spoonfuls of Campbells and melts into a little boy?! <3

  1. I should have you write about garden soil 😉 Actually the whole point is to get to the point where writing is effortless no matter what you’re writing about – by doing this, you’re stretching and flexing your writing muscle and making yourself a better writer through practice.

    You’ve done a lovely job of bringing us into the moment.

  2. This passage carried me right into memory-land! 🙂 Soup Starter was so many years ago….. Beautiful writing – continue, please!

  3. You’re writing is quite something. In a few short words you can bring images to my mind of a frosty day playing free. There’s nothing better for the belly and soul than soup on a chilly day – I just made some yesterday and how nice it was. 🙂

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