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So Angie Writes – Life's A Challenge, So Angie Writes!

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No Long Reads Here

November 9, 2013 | 6 Comments

I write the way I speak, and I write what I would want to read. Though I tend to be wordy, and revel in descriptive words, my posts are quite succinct. My brain is swirly. Focus is intense, but short lived. I write to settle my thoughts, to get them out, and to make room for more.

You won’t find many long reads here. Frankly, I can’t produce or consume them! If I open a blog post and see I have to scroll three times to take it all in, I back away slowly. If it’s by an author I’m friends with, or content I really need or want, I’ll work on it through the day, bits at a time.

I’d love to build a longer attention span, but I won’t force it. I’m often frustrated by my flighty nature, but I also see the beauty in it, like the buzz of a hummingbird’s wings. All I can be is me.

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  1. Length is one of those things I often think about as a writer. Is this too long, or maybe too short? You want to say what you have to say, in as few carefully chosen words possible, without boring the reader. But some topics simply need longer discussion. As a reader I only read long posts if they are about something that really interests me. But I have been known to give up after a couple paragraphs, scroll to the bottom and sneak a peek at the ending!

    Other people must do this with my writing too, I can only conclude, so I pay extra attention to the beginning & end… But also there needs to be some sort if thread holding it together or ppl will give up.

    Interesting topic.

    • Angie

      Thanks for your thoughts, Lisa! I wish I had a longer attention span! I do better with long reads if they are broken up with photos, and yes, if they are about something I care deeply about. As far as my own writing, it just seems to come out in these short bursts. I guess I could try saving a small post as a draft, then come back and add to it later, so I’ll ponder that!

  2. So often when I blogged, I’d want it to be “perfect” & make it so nobody could misinterpret what I was trying to say (& get upset, or offended, or whatever non-problem I could worry about) that I’d have drafts upon drafts of unpublished posts.

    I’m all in favor of the short post. Get it out. It’s more important to say something than to end up saying NOTHING because fear kept you from hitting publish. Love you, girly.

    • Angie

      Thanks, Eryn! Love you too! I don’t like going back over my words before I post. I do, for spelling and such, but I try very hard to just let the words stand as they were originally placed. I live a pretty vulnerable life by doing so, which is uncomfortable, but you’re right- better to get it out than to let fear continue to run my life.

  3. I am all about the short posts. It’s what I have time for. It’s what feels natural for me. I don’t mind whether others write long or short — as long as it’s their true voice. Loved your post!

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