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So Angie Writes – Life's A Challenge, So Angie Writes!

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Life Is Fragile

November 15, 2013 | 4 Comments

death flower

I observed a powerful transformation this Summer. My most precious backyard companions are Hens and Chicks, succulent offspring of plants inherited from my Grandmother many years ago. They have been dug up and moved numerous times, pushing roots into the soils of Kansas, Texas, Missouri, and Colorado. I’m sure the Sempervivum life cycle has played out many times right under my nose, but never until this Summer did I witness it up close.

We moved to our newest home in the Spring, and I plopped my plants down into a shallow rock bed in the backyard. I watched them closely and watered them until they were established. After a few months, I noticed one rosette began to grow up. I thought it must be loving its new environment! Over the next several weeks it stretched into a beautiful stalk. Research revealed I was watching the final days of one of my beloved plants. When I realized, I was struck with a profound respect and awe. These plants, when done with their lives, push up toward the sky, and bloom.

One life. One final stretch. One beautiful flower. Then death.

The Latin origin of Sempervivum means always living. When I held the shed flower and stalk in my hand, I was touched by how far these Hens and Chicks have come- from Grandma’s rural Kansas garden, to my suburban Colorado rock bed, these beauties continue to produce offspring, spread out, and live lives culminating in bright pink blooms.

Life is fragile
I hold it in my hand
Uplifting thought of wonder
As Nature doth command

*This month I’m participating in a writing prompt project, which you can find here-

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  1. Lovely writing about the profound circle of life. I love the idea that we become more beautiful in the final stages of our lives. Most of us don’t feel that way as we age and grow nearer to that time. Maybe we should.

    • Angie

      Yes, I found the life cycle of these plants so profound and inspiring! Thank you for reading and commenting. I’m so glad to share this writing with you!

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