There was so much I didn’t know. So much I didn’t believe in. So much I didn’t see as possible.
Smiles were in limited supply. Faith was extinguished. Trust crumbled under my feet. I refused.
The days wore on. Wore down. Wore out.
The nights were… I won’t allow myself to fully recall the quiet. The dark. Alone.
I was living life. Doing my best. Looking up to share it with someone. Facing a void.

Then there was you.

Not sure how you stuck. Not sure I care. Just glad you did.
Took some time. Took some work. Took a whole lot of patience and respect.
An openness retured. I learned new things. New ways.
Smiles are genuine. Faith… is in you. Trust is a dance we share.
The days blend together. Time moves forward with more love than strife.
In the dark, I reach out. I find you near.
I’m living life. Doing my best. I look up. You are too. With me. Together.

Before you, I did the best I could.
With you, I do better.
After you? May I never know such a time.

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  1. All any parent wants is for their child to love and be loved. I am so glad that you have that now. Your words are so beautiful and profound and true. They make me smile!

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