Something Old


Little trinkets about the house
Beloved memories ensue
Trips to a timeline long ago
Traveled by heartstring
Memories- fuzzy around the edges
Blurred by emotion
Warmed by yesteryear’s magic
Take a snow globe
Shake it up
Can you still see the figurines inside?
Yes, though a nostalgia filter has been applied
Making all

*Welcome to December! I’ll be writing daily this month, using Write Alm’s prompts, located here-

6 Replies to “Something Old”

  1. Oooh these deer are adorable. They would be perfect for my nativity 😉

    Also, I love this poem. I have come to look forward to knowing what you are thinking with these prompts. Thanks for sharing of yourself through this.

    1. Thank you, Cyn! I am so glad you come here to read! I am so tired tonight, but writing has become such a habit. I can’t NOT do it!

      The deer are from my childhood. My Mama used to put fake snow on a mirror, then arrange these deer with some ceramic carolers she painted, and some live greenery. A beautiful scene in my memory!

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