Late Afternoon Light

The shadows creep long across the Earth
The mountains impose as the planet turns
Meeting Sun-Star in the middle

“Tuck in” the Range invites
“Gladly” Sun responds
Having done its bright duty this day
Warming chilled cheeks
Chasing snow into recesses
Rejuvenating foggy minds

Blink, and you’ll miss it-
Late afternoon light

“Stay longer tomorrow?” I plead
“Shorter, actually” the reply

I pull on a sweater
And re-coil my scarf
As I count the days until Solstice

*Welcome to December! I’ll be writing daily this month, using Write Alm’s prompts, located here-

12 Replies to “Late Afternoon Light”

  1. Beautiful! I am enjoying reading the poetry you are doing for the prompts. I have never been good at writing poetry. Maybe something to think about as a challenge to myself one of these months.

    1. Thank you, Jen! I have always been more of a pondering writer, and typically I write the way I speak, or I type out the pensive narrative in my head. During my writing course this Fall, I discovered list poems and fell in love. I realized that poetry doesn’t have to follow rules (getting it wrong was what kept me from writing poetry before). Now I just let words fall off of me and see where they land. I find this to be a more fluid and therapeutic way of writing, and it allows me to write some very sensitive and vulnerable things without really coming out and saying “I’m in pain” etc.

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting. <3

      1. Yes! I think that is what has been holding me back in even trying to write poetry…all the “rules” that I was taught in high school. They just confuse me and feel like it is a more sterile process then what I would want it to be. Maybe this will be my New Year challenge for myself. Write at least one poem a week!

        1. Yes! What a neat challenge! I will cheer you on! \o/
          Do you like ee cummings or Emily Dickinson? I find both wrote against the grain, hell, ee’s words trickle down the page like rain! To hell with rules! Let’s pour our guts out, Jen! <3

          1. Amen! I do like both of them and should go dig out the few Emily Dickinson books I have around here. You’ve helped me find where I want my writing to go in 2014! Thank you 🙂

  2. Good writing has the ability to startle.

    Reading this in the morning, I suddenly come awake and read it again, leaning forward in my chair. I crawl over the words, lifting them up and looking underneath them. “Damn!” I exclaim.

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