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So Angie Writes – Life's A Challenge, So Angie Writes!

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Snapshots Of Gratitude

December 22, 2013 | 4 Comments


This marks my fifth week of gratitude practice. Though I’m only writing about gratitude on Sundays, I am taking photos throughout the weeks, and being mindful of moments that capture what makes life “worth it” to me.

I began the week with a hike in the snow, and ended it with family Solstice activities. I take comfort in the things placed around my home at this time of year; the keepsakes that connect me to a time when the holidays were purely magic. Fun can be easier to tap into during times of plenty, and a generous gift allowed us to see a movie in a theater. Happiness can feel unreachable during struggle, yet a kindness shown can boost us directly into a better place.

This week I was highly aware of the benefits of a good group of friends. It takes effort to find friends when you’re in a new city. It takes a willingness to be uncomfortable for an extended period of time. The hard work and painful vulnerability can pay off, though, if you find like-minded folks, and cultivate trusting relationships over time. Eyes that are prepped for my tears, a shoulder that anticipates my lean, arms that are poised to catch me- that’s what I’ve found in my friends. For me, the treasure beyond all other- being known.

I am grateful for a life containing enough struggle for me to recognize jolts of joy, and one buffered by love and support. The times when I was without have revealed the bounty of the current. When dark times roll ’round again, it will be the contentedness I feel now that will carry me through. The very nature of things is evolution. Static circumstances won’t produce the depth of life I’m after. Because of that, I am trying to remain open in the face of uncertainty, knowing that I’ve always stepped in a forward direction, and often with friends by my side.

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  1. The depth with which you are approaching your gratitude exercises is heartwarming and enlightening. I love that you are sharing it with us.

    • Angie

      Thank you! I think it’s really helping me to focus on gratitude. It helps me escape the “lack trap” I often fall in to, a direct result of comparison. Thing is, I’m usually comparing my insides to other folks’ outsides, or what they chose to share. Most folks put their best out there, and I have no business comparing myself to anyone.

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