Merry Making

Today was a day of clearing
Our home- of the big green tree
Now boxed up in the shed
Baubles in bubble wrap
Garland gnarled
Lights tangled
Totes stacked high
Until next year

A trail of glitter and needles
Is strewn across every floor
There’s dust and cat hair mixed in
Special dishes are back in cabinets
The last of the candy is being eaten
At a speedy rate

Our minds, as well, benefitted
From a slight airing-out today
A short walk on a path that leads to Durango
If you have six to eight weeks to spare

Intentions were mentioned and ruminated upon
Bounced off whomever might be within earshot
Photos were brought out to reminisce
Nanisivik, Arches, Bryce Canyon-
Places three of us have never been
Places our Canadian holds dear
Places we’ll go, hopefully

The Holidaze seems officially done now
With the merry making all put away
We’re left with a dusting of snow
One bloody nose
And four bellies who could use a break

Keep moving forward
Waking each day
Dragging intentions out of drawers
Like long, striped socks
“Good morning, things of value from yesterday!
Do I still give a damn today?”

Intentions speak back
If you listen
With ears of the heart
Not the head
They’ll guide us on
Into the New Year and beyond
Perhaps flinging us North
Or driving us West
Unrelenting in spurring and prodding
If we’re lucky

*Welcome, Winter! I’m finding my voice, and writing with Amanda and others during the holiday season. You can see the prompts here, and it’s never too late to join in! –

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