Snapshots Of Gratitude


With Winter Solstice behind us, and the days gradually getting longer, we prepared for Christmas. The day brought homemade treats and sweet time together as a family. We ate way too much, we played games, worked on personal projects, and had a great time collecting moments.

I am so grateful for my little family unit. These three guys I’m in sync with. These stellar fellas that give me reasons to smile, laugh, and do my best. I’m grateful for the home which contains us, and the kitchen where we gather. I’m grateful for special treats, gifts that we give and get, and goodnight hugs. As we mark my sons’ heights in the doorframe, ever approaching the top, I’m well aware that every day is fleeting, and so I’m grateful for each one we spend, together.

*Every week I’m taking snapshots of everyday moments. On Sundays I compile them, choose a few to share, and write what I’m grateful for. Gratitude is not just a feeling, it is a practice. <3

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