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So Angie Writes – Life's A Challenge, So Angie Writes!

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Adventure – My 2014 Word of Intention

January 2, 2014 | 12 Comments

Taking a break from poetry today to talk about something new. This year I noticed some friends were choosing words to focus on in the New Year, rather than resolutions. Well, I like words! So I’m in!

As I pondered a 2014 word, one flew to the top of my brain- intention. It’s a word I’ve only recently begun to play with. It’s in a lot of the books I’m reading and classes I’m taking. It’s something Steve and I speak of often when making plans. Living with intention is a daily *thing* here, and that word has become sort of a battle cry in my life.

Another word I considered was resilient. Again, this is a newish word for me. Over the Summer, through some intense therapy, I realized that the pain I’ve been carrying around for years isn’t going to go away (DAMN). Thank stars I discovered the idea of resiliency at the same time the “you can’t stop pain” bomb dropped. I’ve learned the most about resiliency from Brené Brown’s books and classes, which have transformed me in recent months.

On New Year’s Eve, as friends were gathering to announce their 2014 words online, I was poised at the keyboard, ready to announce Intention or Resilient. The minutes ticked. My mind flipped. Without any rumination, I typed Adventure as my response. I blinked. I hit send. Off it went! My 2014 focus word danced into being! Once I saw it posted I decided, hmm, better figure out what this spontaneous word means to me!

Adventure. My first thought is “Oh! We’re going places!” but… are we? Sure, we’re planning more hikes, a few camping trips, and would love to use our passports again this year before the kids need new ones, but somehow this isn’t the “adventure” I felt stirring.

I’ve discovered adventure is a mindset. It’s a point of view that’s the antithesis of fear. Let’s say I get lost in the city (this happens often). My usual response is fear. Fight-or-flight kicks in and I act accordingly. Or, let’s talk about my general feeling about the uncertainty of life- scary shit! Cortisol courses through me with palpable force. It’s just no fun!

How can I apply adventure to my life this year? By tilting my head, letting curiosity visit, and approaching the twists and turns as a great mystery- a grand adventure! There we go! This seems a fabulous way to enter 2014. I’m replacing fear with curiosity, and calling life’s uncertainty and fluctuations my personal adventure!

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  1. I love the synchronicity of people’s different words. Your viewing of “adventure” is not so different from mine of “serenity,” at least as far as approaching the uncertainties of life. We both want to face those uncertainties with an attitude of “This is okay, and I can handle this!” I really just love all the ways everyone is approaching the year. It all comes down to being okay–more than okay–with whatever may come.


    • Angie

      Me too, Amy. I am wanting to make a Master List of our words! I feel there is a resonance to them! They seem to make music! I want to keep track, and watch us all live our our year with our words in our pockets! Is it just me? I feel we need like… a community board or group or something to keep track! This is so exciting!


  2. I love your word choice! And the way you are viewing adventure. It’s a great way to approach all the different things that pop up, good and bad. Kind of like I’m approaching the year with “poetry”…finding the beauty in everything even the mundane moments of the day, the not so good moments as well as the big joyful times! I like what you said to Amy…it is so exciting to see how all our words while having different meanings all come down to us wanting to experience the same things this coming year! We need something to encourage one another as the year marches on & we may forget what we vowed at the beginning of it! We need each other to say “hey…don’t forgot you wanted to see the adventure, the poetry, in this moment. You wanted to accept this moment if uncertainty with serenity & peace.”

    • Angie

      We certainly all seem to desire a community where we share our words. I’m pondering that over on Twitter. I am trying to find a way for this to happen!

      I love your word, poetry, and am so excited to see it play out in your year! XO

  3. Ohhh, that is a great word for the year, love it!

    Love what Amy said, so true, just being okay with whatever comes 🙂

    All the best in 2014, can’t wait to see where you word takes you.

  4. As I read through this post, I realized that you were living with adventure in our texting session earlier. Yay for you!

  5. I didn’t realize this was how your word got to be your Word! Loved hearing the story — looking forward to seeing how it weaves into your 2014!

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