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So Angie Writes – Life's A Challenge, So Angie Writes!

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Snapshots Of Gratitude

January 5, 2014 | 4 Comments


I feel a deep sense of gratitude this Sunday morning. I have a partner I can’t even with this man! To share my days and nights with this stunning human is the grounding force in my life. To have one person who knows everything and never so much as winces is a treasure. I’m just so lucky in love.

A beautiful snow began falling yesterday and just hasn’t quit. It sticks to trees in a way that makes me gasp! There are few things so beautiful as an evergreen flocked and weighted by snow. Nature’s glitter transforms mundane Winter landscapes into magical wonderlands.

Twelve or so years ago I gave birth to my youngest son. This guy is the stoic opposite of me. He says little, but what he says often floors me. This wise being possesses paradigms I still struggle to attain. I’m so glad he exists.

My family is my home. These three guys I live with love me. That’s a calming truth. The soundtrack of my life consists of baiting over chess games, laughter over gaming, questions and debates that could be easily solved by Google yet rage on anyway, and squaring off over the last piece of bacon.

I want to climb high and call out to the world my gratitude. Look! I am loved! And I love! And it’s snowing!!! Alas. I will simply leave these words here on my blog as part of my gratitude practice. They’ll settle in here and grow into the mindful foundation I’m laying.

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  1. “I have a partner”

    Truly a treasure. Especially when you’ve had ones who DON’T, to find one who does… makes all the difference.

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