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So Angie Writes – Life's A Challenge, So Angie Writes!

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Snapshots Of Gratitude

January 12, 2014 | 4 Comments


What makes me feel good? What sort of uplifting things are available to me? This week I bought a new music album and a new book. I’m finding both of these things bring me happiness and peace.

Reading, writing, and listening to music are restorative practices. I prefer non-fiction books, but am always glad to have something for evening escapism reading. Splendors and Glooms is hitting the mark.

In my journal this week- more poems and Write Alm prompt responses, along with my personal narrative.

The music is The Lumineers. The song most played is Stubborn Love, which has become an anthem for me. “Keep your head up. Keep your love.”

I didn’t take any photos of this, but I spent time with friends three days this week, and each visit brought me back to myself. Friendship is a treasure. I also have precious long-distance friends, and am grateful for the ease of communication technology lends.

Gratitude is a feeling, like a swelling in the chest. It warms the body, and flows through our actions. Gratitude is also a practice that brings me to the blog on Sunday mornings, and helps me focus on the good in life.

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4 people are talking about “Snapshots Of Gratitude

    • Angie

      Thank you. It’s a nice practice, and I think it makes me more aware of positives, which is an area I struggle with as a pessimist. 🙂

  1. As the weeks pass and your gratitude exercises grow, I see you seeing life through brighter eyes. I love that!

    • Angie

      Thanks! I do feel it’s a good practice for waking up and becoming aware. I am glad to be forming a habit of seeking out good in life. That’s tricky for a pessimist such as I! <3

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