So Angie Writes – Life's A Challenge, So Angie Writes!

So Angie Writes – Life's A Challenge, So Angie Writes!

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Green Light

January 23, 2014 | 6 Comments

I sit every morning, coffee in hand
To collect my thoughts, and funnel them into an inkwell
My pen dips- intention personified
Some of the words are sticky, and the tip clogs
I touch it to my tongue
I shake it with rapid frustration
“You MUST flow!”
I plead, knowing the message mustn’t be delayed
The lack of green light writing means stoppered expression
And I fear my head may explode

*January dwindles, but Write Alm prompts are still available! Respond as inspired! Write, draw, take photos! Share! Or don’t! It’s just about creative practice!

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6 people are talking about “Green Light

  1. may your head never explode 🙂

    also, you should’ve taken liberties with this prompt and called it pink light in honor of your beloved pink pen!

  2. I got this mental picture of words stuck to the walls and floor and ceiling. I would rather see them on paper.

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