I am Rooted

by SoAngieWrites.com

Looking back in my mind
Digging deep in my memory
Finding spaces which speak solace
Times of interconnectedness, profound
I am curious

Happiest visions of big open sky
Trails of starlight and
Fingers of electricity
It needed to be seen, just like me
I was small

The tumultuous waves of coastal water
A crashing of tide and
The breaking of life around me
I screamed to the ocean, “Hear me now!”
I was brave

Washed up on a creek bank
Slippery moss rocks and
Single shoes swept downstream
My blood churned as well, veined momentum
I was determined

We sought Mountains Majesty
A mile high and
The way of being with trees
I lift my eyes to the tallest places and sigh
I am rooted

10 Replies to “I am Rooted”

  1. Wow! You captured the chapters of your life and strife and growth and change. Your journey has been long, but it made you who you are. Your words touch the heart of me.

    1. Thank you! This prompt really hit me hard, and I struggled with it all day, then cried as I finally chose what to write. I tell ya! Therapy!

  2. This made me pause and take a deep breath as I finished reading. There’s something in these words that moves with fierceness.

    1. Thank you, Cyn. I really felt this come from my core, and I heaved and cried and gasped and sighed. Glad to have this out now, so I can move on! 😀

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