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Never judge the grammar of word vomit

Currently reading previous writing. Saddened by the painful words and anxieties. Only four months ago I took up my pink pen. I almost never started. I almost gave up. Thankfully I have a compassionate and  patient mentor,  many supportive friends, and a stellar family.

Writing was hard to begin because I’d built it up in my mind to be the epitome of creative expression. I defined writers as polished ethereal beings, tucked into the pages of published works. I assumed writing was done on expensive computers, antique typewriters, and inside fancy notebooks. I thought words had to be perfect before being recorded. Most damningly, I thought confidence begat writing.

It’s no wonder I was terrified! I had a distorted view of writing, and of myself! These days I recognize writers as those who write, and I view writing as a solid action verb. I pick up the pen, I move it across paper. I do it every day. Sometimes the lines form poetry. Other times it’s just crap. What matters is the practice. The magic is in the doing. Keep on!

*January dwindles, but Write Alm prompts are still available! Respond as inspired! Write, draw, take photos! Share! Or don’t! It’s just about creative practice!

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  1. What an awesome way to Validate how far you have come. Are you a better writer today? Perhaps, but you were a writer from the beginning. You just had to take that first step! Congratulations!

    1. Thank you! A better writer, likely, due to practice. A writer, damn straight! Every day for a handful of hours I am just that! 😀

      1. Btw, I wasn’t saying your writing hasn’t improved, because as you have released yourself, you have grown so much. But your writing talent has always been there.

        1. Oh I know, I didn’t take it that way! Only that it really matters not if I’m improving, but more so that I’m simply doing it! 😀 Thank you! <3

  2. I know what you mean about a distorted view on writing–I used to write all the time, had some stuff published and then it all kind of fell apart. But writing is such an amazing form of expression! I would be lost without it (no matter how “awful” it may be). I’m so glad to hear you found your way to it.

    1. Thanks, Meg! Yes, I feel writing is akin to breathing, or eating. I simply can’t *not* do it, now that I’m doing it! And all the years that I put it off, I realize I was starving or suffocating in a way. I do hope you start to write all the time again! (((hugs)))

  3. Angie this is lovely and I am so glad you did decide to write…writing is for anyone who has something to say be it profound, inspiring or simply crap and I have written lots of that (talk it too, ha, ha!). Sometimes you have to write the crap to get to the good. Do keep on!

    1. Thanks, Jane! I agree that writing the crap helps the good come out! We flow when we practice, and just hope that something comes out worthwhile of connection and healing! I think that by building a large body of work by writing daily, a few gems will surface over time. I’m keeping an eye out for them! 😀

    1. Yay! Write more crap! \o/ I will too, and one day all that crap will be purged, and we’ll start writing gems! 😀 Thanks for stopping by, Jessica!

    1. I am hooked, and solid, I think! When I don’t write, the tug in my stomach is too great to handle. Must.Write. Thank you, Amanda! XO

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