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So Angie Writes – Life's A Challenge, So Angie Writes!

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Snapshots Of Gratitude

February 2, 2014 | 6 Comments


I woke today with the same negative exasperation that’s been plaguing me for a  few days now, and a lack-focus to be contended with. My scrappy got up and went, and I’m left with a gray outlook on the only day I’ve seen the sun in a week. I’m tired. The overwhelm has mooshed me into a quiet place. Yet, I write. I am committed to this Sunday Gratitude Practice, even when I don’t *feel* gratitude as a belly-bubble.

So, things that went right this week-

The coffee was good every single day. I add MCT oil, coconut cream, vanilla, and stevia. I blend it to a high foam. I sprinkle cinnamon on top. I sip and swallow and am grateful for the warmth.

Snow fell and fell and fell. It accumulated on the dead grass, filled all the little spaces in the fence-line, and clung to trees like new fashion. Nature’s glitter, this week’s redemption.

I love this kitty who’s been in my life for many years. She’s taken to waking me before my alarm most mornings, then she snuggles on my belly for a bit. For a cat who’s rather aloof, this is a gift.

Self-care. Self-compassion. The last photo here is of me in a waiting room. I’m investing in myself, both by buying purple tights, and by seeking support via a Daring Way counselor. I’m grateful such opportunities are within reach.

So it seems I am capable of gratitude practice even when I feel beat down by circumstances. This is a relief. This is why I show up every Sunday. Gratitude practice is a buffer between my heart, and my negative thoughts. Gratitude leaves the lights on. Gratitude is the hand that holds on. It’s the eye-opener.

“Only love can dig you out of debt.” – The Lumineers.


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  1. Gratitude leaves the lights on – beautiful! So glad your writing has become a shoulder of support, a hand for holding on, a vehicle of gratitude.

  2. Hello Angie, I think it shows great strength to write, especially in gratitude, when you really don’t feel like it…you are awesome xx

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