So Angie Writes – Life's A Challenge, So Angie Writes!

So Angie Writes – Life's A Challenge, So Angie Writes!

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What We Inherit

February 4, 2014 | 8 Comments

Swells of sea-slick
Skies of varied clarity
Glaciers, tumbling
Forests of dwindling giants

What we inherit
Inherits us
We are unworthy
And most flippant consumers

In the end what worries me
Is not the future of the planet
For she will spin on
Without us


*Writing along with Amanda and others this February, using these Write Alm Prompts!

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8 people are talking about “What We Inherit

  1. Beautiful! These places on earth where the past is visible in front of us in ways we can touch it are so magical. They seem filled with connecting energy and bear grand responsibility.

    • Angie

      I agree. Seeing my son’s hand in a dinosaur footprint was just… well sort of stuff is nearly sacred to me. I love this planet. <3

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