It begins with a broken heart
A natural, normal occurrence
Even when tragic and sudden

If only that pain
Were allowed a presence
And met with compassionate care

But there are, at best
The well-meaners
And often, the meanies, as well

Very soon, pain meets shame
The two of them click
And ever on, ingrained

Finally arrives a day
When life should add up
But something keeps us down

It is with great intention
We seek more knowledge
And call out for help

It is with great care
And full regard
We poke and prod and peel

It is with great courage
We allow ourselves to be seen
With tears uncorked and flowing

The awakening swiftly
Resets the eyes
Allowing new vision, beheld

There is a sense of life unfolding
Anew, though worn
Purpose now front and center

We carry on
Driven by a desire for better
Sturdied by a common need

We find our way back
To that first flash of pain
And give it space for another try


*This post is about seeking mental health care. It requires a good deal of courage to seek help. It also requires resources. Both courage and resources are in short supply for many. I wish it were more affordable to see a counselor. I wish no one was locked out of beneficial care. I’m not sure what can be done. I only write my heart.

Write along with me!
Write along with me!

6 Replies to “Awakening”

  1. You are right, so many do not have the access. And many do not have the courage. I wish things were different. Your poem is beautifully written.

  2. Beautiful Angie xx

    Mental Health care is so under-resourced and misunderstood, still. It frustrated the hell out of me! I have family and friends who have struggled to get the correct treatment. It is so wrong and hard to know how to fix it.

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