Today I hiked with
The sunset at my back and
The moonrise up ahead

The North facing slope
Cast in shadow
Held the crystal snow

The South facing slope
Brittle and brown
Provided food for ungulates

The trail below was saturated
My shoes sunk in the mud
And rose with a slurp

The wind whipped alongside
Pushing me into my partner
Whom I grabbed for support

By the end of the day
My legs were sore
And I appreciated my life

Binoculars and cameras
Were well utilized
We set out for House, leaving Home

Aspect - a nature poem by SoAngieWrites

Today’s Write Alm Prompt is Connection. The poem above was written last Saturday on a drive home from a trail. I am glad to have reached the part of my life where I identify nature as companion. I look back on my years and see that she was always so, but I’m only just realizing. Now that I know, I can write her sonnets and prose. Now that I know, I can settle into her nurturing presence. This connection ushers new life into sedentary bones.

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