Dealing with carpel tunnel syndrome means I’m taking a break from prompt writing for now, in order to focus on my therapeutic journaling, and current course work. There will be Sunday Gratitude posts, too, of course! I seem to be able to write in the mornings for a bit before the pain is in high-gear. I want to use that time for the most pressing projects. I hope this heals up soon. It is very frustrating!

Write along with me!
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5 Replies to “Rest”

  1. You must take the time you need for the things you need the most. Doesn’t mean we won’t miss our daily dose of Angie, though. Heal swiftly, sweetheart!

    1. Thank you! Brace does seem to help. And ice. Lots of ice! I need to write 500 words to submit for my current feedback course, and still need to finish my critiquing. All due this week. Oh dear. I will pick up some Alieve today!

      1. Just do what you can and people will realize and understand. It just sucks when you can’t do the things you love to do.

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