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I’m perpetually distracted, overwhelmed, and tired. The stressors of life pile up and I wave a white flag from the center of my housework fortress. I feel disconnected from family and friends. I feel far away from the things I love. I need to get out, but how can I leave so much undone? Will I ever catch up?

As lists grow in my head and on post-its, I accomplish less and less. It is because my desires are so big that I stand so still. I need to break it all down, write it out, and take a step. Instead I clench my jaw, avert my gaze, and play Candy Crush on my phone.

Today I’m taking a deep breath. It’s the sort of intentional inhale that brings renewal and a little headache between my eyes. Oh, we’re breathing again? Right on.

I’m going to get out of my thoughts today, and take a baby step. That step is going to be a pen in my hand and a blank card. I owe my Canadian penpal a letter. She won’t get flowery statements of growth and encouragement. There will be no sonnets this day. Something tells me she’ll relate to my words about drowning in dishes and sorrow.

Within the frantic pace of my stressful life, there’s one small thing I can do to connect meaningfully. I can take up my pen, find a strip of paper, and write a letter.

Write along with me!
Write along with me!

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  1. i still correspond with my oldest friend strictly by handwritten letters. it is one of my favorite things ever. hope writing your letter helps put things into perspective!

    1. Thanks, Amanda! I love that you write letters! They are so meaningful. What keeps me from writing them more is my habit of distraction. I fill my life with haphazard actions to try to cope, and forget to turn to meaningful actions, where real security waits for me. A letter is on the way to Alex today, and I hope to send many others in the upcoming days. It’s just a matter of renewed intention.

  2. These days it’s only the really important stuff that goes handwritten into an envelope with a stamp.

    I haven’t figured out yet what I’m writing for today’s prompt but it will be along that line.

    (Rochester is weird. We’re having our March blizzard, pretty much everything is canceled, and folks are posting photos like it’s a party.)

    Stay warm.


    1. Hi Steve. Thanks for stopping by! I heard Rochester was getting it today! A storm zipped through Denver yesterday, but only 3-4 inches of snow fell, which is already melting under the sun.

      Letters are important. I am reflecting today on why I’m not writing more of them. I have a habit of distraction. It will take effort, but I’d love to get into the habit of daily letter writing.

  3. funny how taking the breath and grabbing a pen and paper….slowing it all down…can be refreshing. I am a letter loving gal myself so I couldn’t help but tweet you post. lovely, may it encourage others to do the same. P.S. Did you Canadian pen pal send you that Tim Hortons’s cup (on your Twitter pic)? Asks another Canadian…. πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Barb! Thanks for stopping by! I am married to a Canadian, and can’t recall if the mug came from one of my trips up there, or if it was a gift from my husband’s mum. Either way, it is my very favorite mug! Well worn! Used daily! πŸ˜€

  4. I love your writing and you are a strong woman following your passion and letting it bring you up during low times. Alex will be thrilled! πŸ˜‰

    1. Thank you, friend! I want to break this distraction habit. I wish it were easy. I can see it takes constant intention-checks and such!

  5. I know that overwhelmed feeling, Angie. It ‘s good just to step away and focus on something else for a while isn’t it? Plus, your friend gets a letter in the post and what a great thing that is! : )

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