A Valiant Mess

Come forth from uncertain safety
Reach with uncrossed fingers, heart unfolding
Lean forward into unfamiliar places
With lungs open and willing to gasp
And eyes seeing whatever they may

Come forth from the standard pain
Head up, shoulders back
Fling mightily into unknown spaces
With mind eager and ready to learn
And being aligned with reason and truth

Come forth from the Winter home
Rise from cold hearth covered in ash
Step into the light which is self-worth
With compassionate words on the tongue
And new thoughts which validate and soothe

Let’s get our hands dirty with life
Opening ourselves to every unpredictable moment
Staking a claim on this one shared reality-
This is our time, these are our bodies
And with courage unmatched- we ascend


Write along with me!
Write along with me!

14 Replies to “A Valiant Mess”

  1. Angie, I don’t read poetry easily–I have to get my head in the right place an then work at it. Thisis awesome though. I really like it.

  2. Yes! Let’s get our hands dirty with the stuff of life. I so appreciate your writing. I am entering a season of learning to let go of that inner critic. I know you are on this journey too.

    1. Juliann, thank you so much for saying that. Yes, the inner critic, the dangers of perfectionism, the life-break of feeling not enough. That’s where I’m at! For now, I’m just aware of these things, trying to write despite them, and deleting my words less often. I’m here with you! <3

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