Snapshots Of Gratitude

Welcome to another installment of my Sunday morning gratitude practice. Grateful isn’t something you are or aren’t. It’s an accessible practice to all. It doesn’t require mooshy feelings or stellar circumstances. And thank goodness for that, as I’m a pessimistic creature with a lot of challenges on my plate!

My gratitude practice is two-fold. Throughout my weeks, I take snapshots of the good stuff. Then on Sundays, I make those pictures into a collage, and reflect on what’s working well in my life. That’s it!


One morning this week I woke up, lifted the shade, and gasped. A hot air balloon in a bright blue sky made my day!

Teen and I hiked at Red Rocks Thursday. We climbed to the top and sat to eat apples. I’m grateful for precious time with a great kid.

I got a new ipod! I’m grateful for tunes to write by and live by!

And would you look at my broccoli seedlings?! Every single seed sprouted! Soon they’ll be able to go into the ground. I’m grateful garden season is upon us again.

What’s going well for you? Does anything stand out from your week that you are grateful for? Was the coffee exceptional? Did this week’s episode of Once Upon A Time Wonderland entertain you? Did you see someone flying a kite or handing a homeless person a sandwich?  Gratitude practice is simply taking notice of these sorts of things. Feel free to share in the comments what you’re grateful for! <3

8 Replies to “Snapshots Of Gratitude”

  1. I’m grateful for a safe home. I’m grateful for the trust and love of my 2 feral kitties. Their trust didn’t come easily and it was several weeks before they purred in my home. Now their purrs warm me on the coldest and darkest of moments. I’m grateful for my online pals who allow me to be open in ways I have so much difficulty face to face. I’m grateful for the internet because it’s allowed me to travel to places I once only dreamed and it’s allowed me to meet some of the best and kindest souls on this planet.

    1. YES! Oh how I agree on your gratitudes and found them in my own life as well. Pets who comfort, internet pals, connection, love. <3

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