Snapshots Of Gratitude


I’m grateful for my Daring Way group and the ladies I’m spending time with each week. I’m grateful for Dr. Brené Brown’s research and dedication to helping people. This course work is challenging, but I’m learning so much about myself, and finding ways to heal.

I’m grateful for good days, and the tools of self-compassion. It is nice to like myself. Love myself, even. And to walk in my worth.

I’m grateful for Colorado’s Spring snows. Such beauty. I’m just not ready for the snow to stop!

Gratitude is a practice. Even when I’m not feeling it, I can state it. I can lay a firm foundation of positivity and build my life upon it. Even in times of uncertainty, I can stand upon my gratitude practice. It is an investment I make in my life.

12 Replies to “Snapshots Of Gratitude”

  1. First of all, love love love your picture – you look so beautiful! Secondly, I love your writing, your bravery and your strength to move forward, always. “And to walk in my worth”

    1. Thank you so much. It’s been particularly hard to write lately. I’m just having a hard time believing in myself. Shame tells me “no one cares what you have to say. You could stop writing and no one would notice.” But I’m remembering that *I* would notice! And I write primarily for myself! Still, a very tricky thing to remember, especially because shame speaks so seductively, and in my own voice. :-/

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