Morning Mindfulness


This morning I put on my robe, made coffee, sat down to write, and scrolled Facebook for twenty minutes. “What am I doing?” I asked myself as my eyes glazed over. I set my phone down and picked up my morning journal, still in a quizzical state. Distraction is a habit. Humans are creatures of habit. I am a human.

Today I feel glad to view myself with curiosity rather than judgment. I see mindfulness not as an achievement, but as a way of moving through life. I get lost in distraction. I feel a prickle in my brain. My eyes turn upward, at the ceiling, or I move my face toward the window. From these vantage points I can hear myself.

“There’s a life to be lived beyond the screen, Angie.”

That’s true. I value technology deeply, and will not deny myself the connection it allows. But today the sky is blue, and the grass is green, and my garden bed is yet unmade.

Mindfulness can be a gentle, internal nudge. It need not be an invitation to shame or demean. When taken with a curious heart, it can lead to the smallest course change, and this morning it will lead me outdoors.

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      1. We are to warm back up after rain tonight. I still have no garden but hope to start planting this weekend. Finally. We had a light frost last night – crazy!

  1. What a great reminder for today! I tend to beat myself up when I get distracted…especially by technology. I like your view of it better 🙂 I hope you have a great Friday!

    1. I tend to beat myself up, too, Jen. I want to begin viewing myself, and life, with curiosity rather than judgement. It’s something my therapist often says. We think beating ourselves up, shaming ourselves, will inspire change. But it just sort of keeps us stuck. What does inspire change is curious reflection. Oh what a hard habit to break, though, the berating! And I do notice the things I read about screens seem to be polarizing. Many of us have a love/hate relationship with screens. Surely a more balanced view would be beneficial. I’m trying it out!

      Have a great Friday and weekend, Jen! XO

  2. Well said. Our technology so easily takes over.

    No. My technology so easily takes over. It’s not just the other guy’s problem. It’s me.

    It was good to get out for a walk this noon, film camera and all. No batteries included.

    1. I’m really grateful for tech and all its wonders and the way it helps me find community and connection! And I’m also grateful for the blue sky day and dandelion yard and open windows and writing with a pen and paper! <3 Have a great weekend, Steven!

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