So Angie Writes – Life's A Challenge, So Angie Writes!

So Angie Writes – Life's A Challenge, So Angie Writes!

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May 20, 2014 | 18 Comments


Write those poems down as they come to you, folks. Trust me. Yeah, I’ve only been writing daily for 8 months. That’s ok. There are a few lessons that come quickly and painfully.

Traffic was so slow this morning. We crawled up Santa Fe at 12 mph. I tapped my fingers on the wheel, stopped singing Uptown Girl, and clenched my jaw. While I hate big-city driving, the slow pace of traffic does at times leave me stuck in the most inspiring places. Like the old rubber factory on Mississippi. Every time I pass the old rubber factory, words flood my mind. I briefly glance at the broken-out windows and hear the lyrics in my inside-voice.  I’ve yet to figure out how to capture the rubber plant words for later writing. I’ll keep working on that.

When I got home this afternoon I was deep in thought as I changed into workin-clothes. My mind was on something important and I began arranging the words into rhyming stanzas. I remember the words “fall” and “all” but honestly, it’s been 3 hours now, and that poem is gone. So are those thoughts.

What was so important that I didn’t reach for my journal as soon as I emerged from the closet? I think I was hungry. There was leftover chili in the fridge. There were clouds that needed to be Instagramed. Or maybe I just assumed the words would still be there later, y’know, when I finally sat down to write. Alas.

Well this is just a little post to remind you that moments are fleeting, and memories are too. Are there nice words in your head? Write them down! Now!


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  1. Oh my, how I hear you! So many profound thoughts and award-winning poems have been lost over the years. I often thought about getting a mini recorder, but figured the words wouldn’t come if I was prepared.

  2. yes, yes, yes. i’ve been known to email myself while stuck in traffic or use the voice recording tool on my phone. before iphone, i’d grab a napkin or receipt from the glove box and scribble a few key words 🙂

    • Angie

      Must be something about driving! I never have enough time to grab a phone or anything. Denver is known for hit and runs and so I’m hyper-alert when driving. I guess I need one of the kids to keep a pen at the ready! 😀

    • Angie

      Yes! That time just before sleep is filled with words! I usually reach for my phone and email myself. We have to catch as many words as we can!

  3. So, true, so true. This really resonates with me just now as many tiny snippets of words come into my head and then, alas, before developing into a wonderful wordy concoction for committing to interweb, they are lost, stolen from memory, gone forever. Ah well, I tell myself keep on thinking, keep on trying, all will be well again… soon I hope!! Love this Angie <3

    • Angie

      So tricky, right? Are we to just lie in wait for them? Notebook always open? I find the words hit when I’m not still at all! But out in the city, or in the mountains, as I put lyrics to the happenings around me. I love your last words, to keep on thinking, keep on trying. <3 <3 <3

    • Angie

      It is a tricky thing! I do a little better with speaking, but it really takes writing it down for anything to be declared safe!

  4. Are they gone? The words? They bubble up, cluster together, form pleasing patterns. Then they sink back into the depths or float away on the breeze. Have they been lost? Do they need to be found? Are they valueless for having only existed a moment?

    If you wrote them down – captured them – would they remain inviolate? Written in pen, direct from mind to paper; are they perfect? Do you add more words to support them? Do you rearrange them and then write them down again in another place? When you return to them years later do you regret them, celebrate them, enshrine them?

    Backspace, backspace, backspace. Things mumbled, half-spoken, thought better of, kept secret. Are these of less value for being written only in your heart?

    • Angie


      “Backspace, backspace, backspace. Things mumbled, half-spoken, thought better of, kept secret. Are these of less value for being written only in your heart?”

      You got me. I lament my uncaptured words, yet you know how many I delete and swallow. A reminder I needed. All of my words- the free, the slain, the caged, are part of me. And I’m luckily still in operation.

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