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So Angie Writes – Life's A Challenge, So Angie Writes!

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Summer’s Bounty

June 3, 2014 | 8 Comments


Hard work

I dislike being busy, yet here I am, more and more so each day. Sometimes it feels life has me by the hand, and I’m being dragged through the streets, feet unable to find traction.

I recently finished part 2 of Bren√© Brown’s e-course, and tomorrow is my final day with my local Daring Way group. As tempting as it is to keep filling my life with courses, I rather think I’m ready to lay off of them awhile, and just dig right into living.

This Summer will be a whirlwind of activities and travel, with two family reunions on the heels of my sons being gone for two weeks, followed by family coming to stay with us here. We plan to go camping and get to a few National Parks.

I hope that despite our full schedule I can still make time to write consistently. Currently I am writing in my journal every morning, but blog posts are getting more difficult to fit into each day.

Do you have a full Summer planned? What keeps you centered during busy times? I’m wishing you warm (but not too hot!) weather, Summer’s bounty on your table, and peaceful times with your feet in the grass. XO

Amanda has a new set of writing prompts up for June!

Amanda has a new set of writing prompts up for June!

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  1. Busy, busy, busy. Yes, indeed. Writing has taken a back seat to real life and getting caught up on scanning negatives and start of summer chores. What keeps me centered? Photography and writing certainly help, but the main thing has been my 40-year habit of reading the Bible cover to cover every year, a few chapters every morning.

  2. This post made me feel like we were sitting at the table together, drinking coffee and chatting about life. Reminds me of how crazy life was when you kids were growing up. Makes me long for grass between my toes. <3 <3 <3

    • Angie

      Tonight we were tilling the garden by hand. Shovel and backs. My stars. Will this thing ever happen? It seems everything we put our hands to lately resists our touch. So frustrating! How are the garden plans there? XO

      • Oh my – that’s hard work. Hope it happens. My garden is growing like crazy with all the rain. So are the weeds, so I hope to tackle them tomorrow. I will try to take pictures, too. Hot and muggy here for a couple days, then rain again for the weekend.

  3. a very full summer here and while i like the leisurely, i think i’d get bored with too many leisurely days. hopefully i’ll be able to find a good balance this summer!

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