Come Together


A perpetual climb
Toward an elusive arrival
Envisioned as peace and comfort
And an absence of fear

Countless hours seeking
The hunt haunted
By this gut-curdle
A sneaking suspicion of misdirection

Retreating to a quiet spot
I sit, ponder, listen
The stories I tell myself
Reverberate inside my skull

With difficult surrender
Heart and head come together
And with new vision, I see
Nothing was ever wrong with me


12 Replies to “Come Together”

  1. A long and difficult climb, and one you will revisit, time and again. But, that you find peace and acceptance of the miracle that you have always been is huge! <3

  2. Beautiful picture, and words that indicate you’ve come to both acceptance and an understanding of the essential you. Keep listening to yourself, you will answer well.

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