My Cup


The afternoon is hot and I lay in my bed, blankets thrown back, sheet not exactly cool
I’m reading Mary Oliver, of her love of her Lord, and pondering how I have none, anymore
I’m reading of her dog, whom she lost and grieved, and I remember why I buy her books

The fans are on high and the windows open and I close my eyes to visit old Summers
Soft green grass, weedless due to a squatting Gramma, in a yard framed with purple Iris
I smell them now, just the right amount of sweet, against which all other scents are measured

Was that home? A backyard on a rural road, behind a pale green house?
Was that home? The rock garden and the tractor sprinkler that rolled across Prairie days?
Perhaps it was then, the essence of Heaven-on-Earth, lush with color and sealed from time
But now I place Home with God, in a mind-space just to the left of yesterday
My eyes are open and through the window I see evidence of a breeze
It is the final day of June, and my cup brims with nostalgia


16 Replies to “My Cup”

  1. This brought tears and memories of my own. Tears of good memories and of missing folks gone before. Tears for a simpler and gentler life.

    Can you share why you choose her books?

    1. Cyn, the first poem I read of Mary’s was called “Heavy” and I found it not long after Steve and I lost our girl. The poem is about grief, and despite mentioning god, it struck me as the most accurate and poignant description of grief I’ve ever read. As far as Mary’s books, I began with Red Bird, which is full of nice nature and wildlife poems, which she writes so well. I then bought Thirst, which is the book “Heavy” is in. Many of the poems are about god, and I have some trauma involved with my time in religion, so I’m just not enjoying it as much.

      I’m so glad you liked this poem. I will see Gramma next week. She’s my last Grand. <3

      1. That’s understandable to shy away from religious themes then. Thanks for sharing about your reasons for reading her books as well. I will have to seek them out. Have you read much by Christina Rossetti? Never has another person so truly shared words that my heart has felt where grief is concerned.

        Yay for a visit with Gramma! 🙂 Special times in what sounds like a beautifully special place.

  2. Finally had a moment to visit your blog again. I love your writing so much! You put so much of yourself out there and in all that you write. And every time you describe a place, mood, or thing I feel like it’s right there with me too. Love!!!

  3. Angie, you have painted such a lovely picture here. I love to write about makes me feel more connected to my childhood as I get older : ) xxxx

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