Here & Now – How Mindfulness Helps Me Write

I find it difficult to reside in the present. My mind is usually a few years back, or a few forward. I dwell in the realms of “why?” and “what if?”

There is a type of writing which requires a head cocked to the right, and eyes raised to the left. I’m unsure what I’m trying to conjure or recall, but it must be located somewhere between my wrinkled forehead and the popcorn ceiling.

I pull my eyes back to the computer screen, where I transcribe the dishwasher churn,  my wiggling foot, the blinking light on my phone, and the dreaming dog at my hip. I notice the the here and now, in its plainness, and type it on out.

This is the way I write when I don’t know what to write. I log the light, describe the sounds, capture the feelings. It is in distraction that I seek mindfulness. And by writing down the world around me, low and behold, I find a little peace.

How mindfulness helps me write


8 Replies to “Here & Now – How Mindfulness Helps Me Write”

  1. What a great post Angie. I too do this. Some days I HAVE to write, to get words out…but the words aren’t there. So I sit and write everything around me in that moment. In detail. It helps so much to just out pen to paper and begin!
    I also have to tell you how much of an inspiration you are to me. I am slowly, slowly slowly getting the courage to share some of the from my heart poems with the wider world. I have been abset from the internet more then usual in an attempt to be more present and mindful of the everyday moments around me. I miss all my online friends and the support and encouragement they give!

    1. Jen, you aren’t alone. I’ve been online less as well. I am looking for balance, and finding it difficult to attain. Thank you for this comment. It means a lot. I rely on the Write Alm community for support and inspiration and look forward to reading as you share. XO

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