The Value Of A Creative Tribe – Blog Tour Wrap-Up

Remember last week when I participated in a Writing Process Blog Tour? Well the three bloggers I asked to participate have their responding posts up!

Cyn’s answers to the Blog Tour questions are here.

Amy shared her creative process here.

Jen tells us how she writes here.

The value of a creative tribe

I enjoyed this Blog Tour. Part of my encouragement as a writer comes from belonging to a creative tribe. I have many online friends who use the same writing prompts. I enjoy reading their responses and am always glad to see they’ve read mine. We support each other by sharing work and spreading links, but what really lifts me up is the way someone is always around to say “Your voice matters. Keep writing.” To me, there could be no more glittering example of a creative tribe than the Write ALM community. I am so glad to be a part. <3

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    1. Thank you so much for reading them all! I know it means so much for bloggers to have visitors. I know it means the world to me that you come here every day. XOXO

  1. Thanks for including me in this! It was such a great process. 😀
    Also, thanks oodles for your kind words on my post. You’re so sweet to say such kind words. I wish blogger would let me reply to you there.

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