Snapshots Of Gratitude- The Ritual Of Coffee

It’s the little things. The warm cup of coffee on a cold morning. Going out for a latte with a friend. Trying something new in my mug. The ritual of coffee is soothing. It reminds me of sitting with my Grandma, and my Mom. I am grateful for the ritual of coffee.

Autumn Coffee Collage Gratitude

I have a Pinterest board dedicated to the ritual of coffee. Enjoy!

8 Replies to “Snapshots Of Gratitude- The Ritual Of Coffee”

  1. Love this post! I love my coffee too – and I have one a day, either in the morning, if I’m working (alongside reading blogs, so like now!) or in the afternoon after lunch to fend off post-prandial lethargy. I always have cream in my coffee and it is De-Li-Cious! (Although I have started to ‘cut’ my real coffee with decaff coffee. I like the strong taste but not getting the caffeine jitters!) I’ll think of you when drinking my coffee now 🙂

    1. Thank you! I have a coffee in the morning, then tea the rest of the day. I like trying all different sorts of teas. Enjoy your rituals! <3

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