Look For The Light

The days begin well, with the sun pouring through windows, warming the wake-up. Then the light slants away, earlier each day, tucking behind the mountains before the afternoon hours are spent. Loneliness creeps in with drafts. I wish warming my heart was as easy as coiling a scarf around my neck.

As Winter approaches, sadness can be palpable. Nature is sending her creatures to rest, and the absence of blooms may remind us of death. During these days it is important to be mindful that moments in darkness help define the moments of light.

Life is always going to be divided into Summer and Winter, day and night. If the darkness feels daunting, the trick is to always look for the light. This is the practice of gratitude.

Sufi Poet Hafiz quote

7 Replies to “Look For The Light”

    1. I am sending you love as well. May the upcoming week be better. It is 4:06 and already getting dark. Time to light candles and keep my chin up. XOXO, my friend.

  1. Beautiful sentiment, Angie! It really is important to see the light in the darkness. During my day trip today I wished sweet dreams to the apple trees in the orchards. They always look like such dreary places in the late fall. I try to remind myself that they must sleep this quite & still slumber in order to bring us their beautiful blossoms in spring and their sweet treats in the fall! Such beauty is hard work and so they must rest. Shhhh. 🙂

    Remembering to see that light and cherish the moments of light, no matter how short, makes the darkness more bearable. At least it does for me.

    1. I agree, Cyn. Late Fall/Winter is a hard time for me. Today the sun pitched away at 4:06, but I’m grateful it shined at all, after a week of bitter temps and snow. I lit candles on the mantle and that helped my mood a great deal. I need more candles and also plan to bring in twinkle lights from the shed once the snow melts! Light it up!

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