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Hush – A Poem For Tamir

November 28, 2014 | 7 Comments

Hush A Poem For Tamir

Another black child on the ground
Gather ’round

See him fall, breath gone still
Begin to feel

Rage and sorrow bubble up
Tears enough to fill a cup

Bias prickles in my mind
Strip this boy of humankind

Fight what longs to shield my heart
Realize I play a part

Put Tamir where he belongs
Access deepest mourning songs

Struck by the news this morning that Tamir Rice, 12, was not given medical attention for nearly four minutes after being shot twice by police officers, I found myself in tears. I pictured my own sons suffering from physical pain and receiving no compassion. I didn’t hold that thought for more than a few seconds before my brain began to tempt me with relief. Biased and racist thoughts seeped into my mind. I tried to rationalize this shooting. I tried to explain it away. I am ashamed to write about this reaction, my brain’s attempts to ease my suffering and stifle my empathetic response to Tamir’s death, yet I believe these are the sort of difficult things that must be brought to light and discussed.

As a privileged white woman, I could easily succumb to the balm provided by an arena I didn’t build, yet have benefited from. It takes work to stay soft, to leave my heart exposed, to feel the pain of injustice, and to speak about my thoughts. This is work that has to be done.  Please join me in softening into shared humanity, feeling empathy, and fighting the bias our culture spoon-feeds us. Let’s be courageous in action, risk saying the wrong things, and encourage open dialogue about racial injustice.

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  1. Your words cut into my soul and make me feel. There are so many out in our world who need to open their hearts and hear what you are saying. I have been following the Michael Brown tragedy and it has really affected me. There is so much racist hate out there. Are we going backwards or have I just shielded myself?

    • Angie

      Social media is making an impact in recent cases, but this violence and injustice has never lessened. Many people first heard of Trayvon and Michael via Twitter and FB. These cases are now getting more attention, which is really important. I believe the most dangerous thing is the subtle bias most of us carry. These unspoken, knee-jerk reactions, often fear-based, against the black community are more widespread than outspoken racism, and just as dangerous.

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