The Moon For You

When we practice looking for the light in all things, we begin to trust it’s there, even when it’s not shining directly on us. -Sue Krebs

Moon photo by Steven Keenan

It’s been a dreadful week of illness, exhaustion, and loneliness. One of the things bringing me joy during distress is this photo my husband took of the moon on Tuesday. He sent the image in an email which read, “The moon for you.”

Looking for the light, looking for the good, and practicing gratitude have proven to be as effective medicines as the concoctions the doctor sent me home with yesterday. I am grateful for all things which help me heal.

5 Replies to “The Moon For You”

  1. My wish is that you are on a short road to recovery. And what a lovely picture and sentiment to guide your way. I am proud of you and your ability to keep your eyes looking up the path, no matter how deep in the valley you have fallen. xoxo

    1. Thank you. I think the medicines are finally starting to help this afternoon. The kids are both ill now, and Steve’s been fighting this off while working all week. We’re all just exhausted. XOXO

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