It’s Never Too Late to Begin Practicing Self-Acceptance

For most of my life, I’ve chastised myself for being sensitive. My bullying was fueled by shame. I believed something was wrong with me for feeling so deeply, and expressing myself so passionately. I felt I should be able to control my tears. I thought stoicism was strength, and tried desperately to attain it.

I’ve learned a lot the last year about sensitivity and resilience. I am grateful for the healing journey that began when I read Daring Greatly by Dr. Brené Brown. I am happy to be in a better place these days, practicing gratitude and self-compassion- especially when things go wrong! Life is difficult enough without the added pain of feeling of shame!

I am grateful it is never too late to seek a better relationship with myself. At 36, I am just beginning to open my heart to my true nature, and settle into acceptance. I had courage. I took a chance. Now I can grow and heal.

It's Never Too Late to Begin Practicing Self-Acceptance by

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