The Work Of Gratitude

I wake on a cold, snowy morning, pour boiling water into my cup of creamer rather than the french press, break dishes while putting them away, step on glass, wash away blood in the stream of water leaking from the fridge, add tears to the river, then remember it’s Sunday- the day I write gratitude posts.


It’s important on days when I feel like burning it all down, to grapple for perspective. Bitterness closes in. It’s tempting.

“FINE! I’ll settle into a hateful existence! Is that what you want, Life?!”

Life doesn’t answer.

My heart does.

I lift my eyes to the kitchen window. Light bounces from the snow. I take a deep breath. And a photo.


The day begins to brighten as I notice green leaf clippings, old etched glass, a bamboo shoot, bird feeders, and falling snow.

Breathing is easier when I relax my brow.

I will fight off bitterness as long as I can. I never intend to have a hardened heart.

I start over with the coffee, paying particular attention to the order of operations. I throw in some chocolate chips to make a mocha.


There are days when life runs smoothly. The sun shines. The birds sing. I feel loved.

There are days when I wake with a groan, and every task goes awry.

Sometimes gratitude is a feeling. It bursts in the belly and culminates in a grin.

Other times gratitude takes effort.


To notice, savor, and express- this is the practice of gratitude.

To stay soft, aware, and open- this is the work of life.

11 Replies to “The Work Of Gratitude”

    1. Thank you! It takes a lot of effort to not be hateful sometimes. I just know I don’t want a hard heart in my chest. I mean, it hurst to have a soft, raw one, but I think I’d suffocate with a hard one. So I keep on striving, even when I just want to give up. Thank you so much for always reading and commenting. I got a 2014 sum-up report on my blog, and you were the top commenter! I appreciate your presence here so much! Thank you!!! XOXO

      1. I will always support you in everything you do. I don’t know if you realize that I get so much more from your words than I ever give back. Sometimes you mirror my thoughts and feelings. Many times you go far beyond them. Your talent amazes me. xoxo

        1. Thank you. I write what I know, and am grateful to hear it resonates. So often I’m unsure of myself and my words, and feedback likely means more to me than it should. <3

  1. Beautiful, Angie. By the way, I have moved your blog to my feedly reader, so I unsubscribed to receive posts by e-mail. I didn’t want you to think I didn’t want to read your blog. Just trying to manage my load better. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Shelli! And no worries! I don’t pay attention to blog stats so wouldn’t have noticed the switch. I appreciate you subscribing. Means so much that you read. XOXO

  2. Your words are so beautiful Angie and so true. Life is work, it really is, but noticing beauty beyond the shit is a gift that you have. Being able to feel grateful, when so much is saying otherwise, that takes some strength. Sending love to you xxxx

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