Identify What Soothes You

Identify what soothes you

It’s a good idea to identify what soothes you. Is it a drive-through coffee after a difficult doctor appointment? A lip gloss tossed in the grocery cart at the end of a demanding day? A few gentle stretches before crawling into bed? A hot bath? Classical music? Soft socks? Polka dot underpants?

Identify what soothes you, and do more of it. Self-care isn’t selfish. Tending to ourselves equips us to care for others. <3

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4 Replies to “Identify What Soothes You”

  1. Thanks for this reminder. I need to spend a little time contemplating this. Perhaps I’ll put a list up on my fridge so when in need I have a go too spot and won’t need to use energy to remember what helps. I can just do.

    1. A list is a great idea! I keep a Pinterest board full of ideas. The trick is to remember to use it when I need it! šŸ˜€

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