During Hard Times, Gather Coping Tools

During Hard Times, Gather Coping Tools by SoAngieWrites.com

We’ve all had times like this- inevitable awfulness. It just can’t be avoided. We are humans, in soft shells, existing in a constantly changing and uncontrollable world.

There are things which must simply be endured. Unfixable oncoming storms lap first at our toes, then rise to waists, necks, nostrils. Breathing becomes a job. We gotta keep going.

During hard times, I gather coping tools. Here are a few that help me-

The practice of self-compassion. This exercise can get me through low-level panic. I place a hand over my heart, say to myself, “this is really hard,” and breathe. This is often followed by a release of tears, and a feeling of integration.

Nonviolent Communication teaches that feelings serve the purpose of helping us meet our needs. Rather than judging feelings as good or bad, NVC shows how some feelings are likely to occur when our needs are met, and other feelings are likely to occur when our needs are not met. I use GROK cards when I’m flooded with emotion. The cards help me whittle down my feelings, and find the needs beneath them. I then focus on meeting my needs, and request help from others. The cards shown here are handmade, but I also have a great set I found on Amazon.

Using Nonviolent Communication - soangiewrites.com

There are many apps made to help with anxiety, mindfulness, and meditation. The one pictured here is SAM (Self-help for Anxiety Management) and is available for free on iTunes. I’ve used this app to set up a tool-kit of calming guided exercises. I love how technology has leveled-up my self-care!
Using digital tools for anxiety - soangiewrites.com

Finally, finding things that help us meet our own needs is a must-do. Brené Brown calls this a Comfort Wisdom List. Being aware of my needs and options for meeting them is empowering. I am not helpless. I can love myself. I know what nourishes me, and I do more of those things during hard times. Here’s a link to My Comfort Wisdom List on Pinterest. Pinterest can be a great tool for gathering visual reminders of the things you love and need!
Acts of self-care during hard times - soangiewrites.come

We are human. Life is uncertain. Some seasons will be difficult. The bottom line- we are resilient. We endure. By gathering our little menu of coping tools, we invest in ourselves and those around us. We set ourselves up for personal growth and healing. We can do this. I believe in us.

5 Replies to “During Hard Times, Gather Coping Tools”

  1. I am so proud of how you have grown through your trials and so happy that you have the awesome ability to put the lessons into words that help all of us. We can do this… Together.

    1. Thank you so much. I’m always astounded, that despite being a veteran of difficult times, they are still so damned hard to endure! Thank you for your support. Love you.

  2. Thank you for this post. I needed it tonight. I think the GROK cards might help me.
    Today I think I learned putting together not just a timeline, but a presentation of sorts of my trauma history would be a helpful way for me to sort my story. I think I need to do that part of this process.
    <3 as always.

    1. A timeline sounds neat. I once considered doing a tree ring timeline for my life. You’ve reminded me to look further into that. Thank you, friend. XOXO

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