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So Angie Writes – Life's A Challenge, So Angie Writes!

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You Matter – Fighting Stigma, Sharing Stories

July 23, 2015 | 21 Comments

I have a friend learning to walk again, because she just had her third brain surgery in a year. I have a loved one who can barely sit or stand due to chronic, debilitating pain. I know people grieving deeply for lost family members. And people enduring discomfort, and uncertainties.

Struggle. It’s all around. And it matters.

Some people think their suffering is too small to express. They think speaking up is complaining. They think they aren’t worth empathy and support. “Someone always has it worse! Who am I to whine?”

I’m here today to say FUCK THAT NOISE. This isn’t the freaking Pain Olympics. This is human life. It’s messy and mucky and it hurts. I think it hurts more often than not. Our society just judges the sharing of the shit. So we’re not quite aware of the extent of common suffering.

You Matter - Fighting Stigma, Sharing Stories by

Today whether you’re hooked up to chemo, or stuck in an MRI machine, sitting on a couch in a therapist’s office, or staring at a scale… whether you’re in a fetal position, or in traction, or quietly sipping tea between sobs… whether you’re writing your heart out, or saying “Hi, my name is ___,” or biting your lip and eyeing a razor… whether you’re in a closet, or on a street, or in a puddle at someone’s feet- you matter.

You matter, and you’re valid. Your suffering counts. It’s real.

Sharing isn’t bad. Expressing isn’t complaining.

We tell our stories because we want to heal. We speak up because we need support.

I just want you to know, and I want me to know, that we’re in this together, and we can choose to keep going. Honestly, we are rockstars. Thanks for showing up.

You Matter

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  1. YES YES YES!!! As I read this I wanted it to be a podcast or a vlog. My fist pumping and cheering and standing up to these words might have made more sense if it were. LOL Seriously this is a terrific post, Angie <3

    • Angie

      Ahhhhh! Thank you, Cyn! Oh this means the world to hear! I have been told I’d be a good vlogger or tuber but oh my gosh, the technical side of that. I wouldn’t know where to start! But I think I’d love it! I need an assistant! 😀 Thank you for the feedback. It means so much to hear I’m on the right track with this one. <3

    • Angie

      Thanks so much for visiting today, Julie. Hope to connect more. I’ve been visiting your blog so much lately, and grateful for the insight and help. <3

  2. Don’t know what I’d do without you today
    We don’t know each other but on another level boy do we know. Your way of expressing this hit the nail on the head
    Grateful… Thank you!

    • Angie

      I am so grateful you found your way here today! Shared experiences have a way of connecting us. Wishing you the best, and glad to exchange words today! 🙂 <3

  3. oh, friend, AMEN! going through the days lately, my deepest struggle has been trying to resist silencing myself and editing my thoughts so that they are acceptable for general consumption. life is messy and mucky and it doesn’t always (nor is it always) beautiful. anyone who says otherwise is high as a fucking kite. keep on keeping on, sweetie … and know that your words and your stories are touching and connecting with so many of us! xoxo

    • Angie

      I struggle with that silencing and editing too. Oh my, it’s so hard to fight through that! But we do! We keep on speaking! Thank you for visiting and leaving this feedback. It means the world to me. <3

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