Welcome Autumn – Weekend Update

Welcome Autumn by SoAngieWrites.com

Taking some deep breaths of cool Autumn air as I begin this post. Welcome, my favorite time of year!

I recently returned from a weekend intensive offering of The Daring Way, a course I’ve taken a few times before, but never in a large, short-term setting. It was… intense!

Welcome Autumn - Weekend Update by SoAngieWrites.com The Daring Way is based on the research and methodology of Brené Brown. The curriculum guides students through trust building, vulnerability, empathy, shame identification and resilience, self-compassion, and courage-based lessons. There is a focus on self-examination, and encouragement to share stories.

For 3 days I sat with 11 courageous women and let my guard down. I ate with them. Laughed with them. Cried with them. We shared and supported. We leaned in and on. We broke down. We grew.

I’m grateful for Brené Brown’s work, which adds the pivotal piece of shame resilience to my trauma recovery. If you’re interested in The Daring Way, you can search for upcoming groups in your area.

I plan to head up the mountain today, in search of Fall colors. I hope you have a lovely day, welcoming the season in a way that’s meaningful to you. <3