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So Angie Writes – Life's A Challenge, So Angie Writes!

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What I Read This Week

October 24, 2015 | 4 Comments

What I Read This Week by

I spend hours each week reading blog posts and articles about mental and physical health. I do this because I’m seeking management of my symptoms, and because I want to learn to help others. Here are links to the best things I read this week:

Negative Emotions are Key to Well-Being  This article by Toni Rodriguez on Scientific American talks about the benefit of feeling all our feelings, and what can happen when we don’t.

La Belle Au Bois Dormant: On Dissociation & Resilience by Grace Quantock on Esmé Wang’s Journal. This post is a beautiful and poignant description of what it’s like when trauma makes us leave our bodies, and how we can come back home. I read this post weekly because it feels so nice in my brain.

Here’s Why Your Blog Doesn’t Need to be Perfect by Donna at February Stars. This post is about letting go of perfectionism to experience a pressure release, and return to happier blogging. Writing is a therapeutic practice, so it’s important that I don’t let perfectionism stop me!

Surviving and Not Surviving by my friend Brandie at Journey of 1000 Stitches. This is a raw, honest post about living with breast cancer, and how the Pink October message often overlooks the individuals who matter most.

This is What a Migraine Physically Feels Like on HuffPost. Oh my. These illustrations and words from those affected by migraines are painful to behold. I related to three of them. OUCH!

Life’s Most Worthwhile Lesson: Learning to Love and Be Loved This quick read by Rena Pollack on touches on difficulties in forming healthy attachments due to early misunderstandings about our worth. Loved this post. It really hit home.

A Calm in the Storm, Part I: Decreasing Emotional Reactivity and
A Calm in the Storm, Part II: Finding Imperfect Balance by Jeremy McAllister on are pieces on how trauma affects our bodies, and how we can regain rhythm and regulation in healthy ways. Fabulous read for those affected by trauma, and the people who love and support them.

Please let me know if you read any of these, and what you thought about them.

Seeking Health with All I Got by
Wishing you a weekend that meets your needs! <3

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