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Poking Fear with a Stick – Challenging the What-Ifs

November 3, 2015 | Comments Off on Poking Fear with a Stick – Challenging the What-Ifs

I have ten to twenty BIG dreams. These are not the conquer the laundry pile, or learn to play a G chord dreams. These are THE BIG ONES. You know them. They’re the ones you keep in your peripheral, because you don’t even want to glimpse your passion, only to have it taken away.

Here are a few of my BIG dreams:

Opening a food allergy-aware and accommodating coffee shop & cafe
Writing and publishing books
Moving to Canada
Starting a Vlog, or being a Tuber, or whatever the hip kids call it

If you know me at all, you know I would straight-up rock some of that shit. And if you don’t, trust me, I would rock some of that shit! But let’s get real. I’m 37, I’m broke, I’m tangled in commitments, and I’m full of fear.

Poking Fear with a Stick - Challenging the What Ifs by soangiewrites.comFear drives the “What Ifs”

What if I open a cafe and someone gets food poisoning and dies?
What if I publish a book and people show up at my door with pitchforks?
What if I move to Canada and get killed by a moose?
What if I start a Vlog and my kids disown me from humiliation?

Ok, look. If you know my cooking, you know it’s awesome and safe. If you know my writing style, you know folks won’t crucify me. If you know moose, you know that one’s actually a likely scenario. But if you know my kids, you know that one’s not. Fear, man! Fear can convince us that these types of things WILL SURELY HAPPEN, and worse yet, fear will convince us that if they do happen, we will not withstand the fallout.

Evidence suggests otherwise.

Think of something horrible that’s happened to you. Divorce? Business failure? Loss of a loved one? Bankruptcy? Disease or debilitation? Your best friend’s knife in your back?

Yep. Me too. These things are quite common, and most of them are 100% survivable. Trust me. I have like, six knives in my back.

The point of this post is that fear is a real and valid emotion. I experience it daily. I don’t judge it, but I like to inject humor into it, and question it a little. Like when you find a bulbous creature on the beach and you grab a stick. Sometimes these things require a bit of investigation.

Do you have a list of BIG dreams? Is fear the reason you don’t try? Me too. Let’s gather some sticks.

Actual Moose Depiction

*actual Moose depiction

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