February Feelings – Lonely

February Feelings - Lonely by soangiewrites.com

Writing’s been difficult lately. A pain flare with accompanying exhaustion, and stress beyond my norm, have hushed my creative voice. Today’s a day for flipping calendar pages, seeing blank squares, and letting potential swell. I’ve set a goal to publish blog posts about feelings every day in February. For this project, I’ll be using my GROK cards, a dictionary, and my personal experiences.

Today’s feeling is Lonely.

GROK Card - Lonely by soangiewrites.com

The dictionary says loneliness is feeling sad due to lack of company. I experience loneliness as a quiet hollowness in my chest, and a drag at the corners of my mouth. We may feel lonely when we haven’t seen friends in awhile, but we may also feel lonely when we’re around people. Humans need connection, not just company, and connection can be affected by trauma, boundaries, and fear.

It’s ok to feel lonely. I feel lonely today. I’m going to wrap my arms around myself and squeeze the hollow. I’ll whisper this mantra:

I notice I am feeling lonely right now. It is ok to feel. I am here for myself as I feel this emotion.

Have you experienced loneliness? Feel free to reach out in the comments. I will hold space with you during difficult times. <3