February Feelings – Grumpy

February Feelings - Grumpy - SoAngieWrites.com #NVC

I woke to sunlight streaming through the window, the room scattered with rainbows cast by hanging prisms. Beautiful. I went to my GROK cards box and reached in for today’s feeling…

GROK Card - Grumpy - SoAngieWrites.com #NVC

The dictionary defines Grumpy as irritable, ill-tempered, sulky. I might experience grumpiness as a dark cloud over my head, or a film that doesn’t wash off in the shower. Arms crossed. Brow furrowed. I might try to outrun it, stuff it down, or conjure a smile, but grumpiness often lingers, shaping my day.

There are many reasons I feel grumpy- lack of sleep, chronic pain, life circumstances, etc. It’s important to remember that feelings are indicative of needs, and it is only by allowing ourselves to feel that we can identify those needs.

When I’m feeling grumpy, I remember I value nonviolence. I often tell my family I need space and privacy, then I go off alone to work through things. Here’s a mantra I might use-

Wow, I’m grumpy! I likely have an unmet need. I give myself permission to feel and heal.

Thanks for reading yet another February Feelings post! I value your time and appreciate your interest and feedback. Wishing you a needs-met Sunday. <3

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  1. This is a very hard feeling for me. I wasn’t allowed this feeling as a child/teen. It was unacceptable and elicited all sorts of abusive behaviours from my father – occasionally violence. It’s something I’ve only just in the last 2 or 3 years really started allowing myself to try feeling. It’s part of my healing process to allow this particular feeling to take up time and space as needed.

    1. I fully support your healing process and applaud your courage as you allow time and space for this feeling, which sounds so hard. Love to you. <3

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