February Feelings – Disappointment

On Disappointment - February Feelings - SoAngieWrites.com #NVC

I’m officially a week into drawing random GROK cards and writing about those feelings here. I’m grateful for the responses and support I’m getting as I do this February project.

Do you ever have a day when you just feel off? Or have times when you’re experiencing so many emotions you feel swept under? Me too. Those are the times I reach for my GROK cards. When we’re clear about how we feel, we can express ourselves effectively, and make healthier choices. Having a large vocabulary around feelings is empowering. Onward, to today’s card-

GROK Card - Disappointment - SoAngieWrites.com #NVC

The dictionary describes disappointment as unhappiness from the failure of something hoped-for to happen. Disappointment is uncomfortable, and some of us feel it often. I sense it as a draining, and it sounds like a sigh.

We may feel disappointed when plans with friends fall through. Or when a new recipe doesn’t turn out. Or when our favorite team doesn’t win.

I think it’s important to recognize disappointment, and name it. I often feel shame alongside disappointment. Disappointment sounds like “Oh no, this recipe didn’t turn out as I hoped.” Disappointment with an addition of shame sounds like “Oh no, this recipe didn’t turn out as I hoped because I suck at baking!”

Separating our feelings out, and naming them individually can help us cope.

I notice I’m feeling disappointment. This is an uncomfortable emotion. I am here for myself in this moment.

Thanks for reading! I appreciate you! <3